Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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( ICC) – ICC is receiving reports that a Christian man (Samuel X) has been admitted to General Hospital (Ward no. 18, bed no. 1) in Lahore as a result of being attacked by a policeman. The understanding at this point is that the policeman attacked him regarding his comments about Islam (blasphemy). Possibly this was done during an interrogation as Samuel was previously being held at the police station. We do have a reported quote from the policeman stating that he had “done his religious duty” (in trying to kill him for blasphemy). Samuel is said to be on life support and not showing signs of life according to a hospital source. Our representatives have attempted to gain access to Samuel but access to him is being blocked by the police. Doctors in attendance are also not cooperating. This is only the latest incident in a long string of attacks and abuses against Christians in Pakistan . In January, Pastor Mukhtrar was murdered followed by the torture and murder of a Christian student (Anjum) and only two weeks ago a pastor was kidnapped and tortured but managed to escape. We will provide details as they become available. Please pray for the Christians of Pakistan.