Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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( ICC) – President Megawati Soekarnoputri arrived in Ambon on Saturday, May 22, to meet with local religious leaders and public figures, and inaugurate a number of development projects. The President confirmed that she had ordered the eradication of the separatist South Maluku Republic (RMS), blamed for the renewed clashes in Ambon . She said: “All forms of separatism must be wiped out because they threaten the Undivided Republic of Indonesia.” She quoted a presidential decree issued in 1950 by president Soekarno, her father, by which the existence of the RMS was outlawed. She also said the RMS should not be associated with Christians; there are also Muslims active as RMS members. “Thus the Christian stigma should be lifted from the FKM/RMS, in order to prevent continuing religious conflict in the Moluccas ”, she said. “The RMS has nothing to do with religion: it is an wholly political issue.” In other news, six people were wounded this morning in a bomb explosion in Ambon . Two of the wounded were seriously wounded when one of them opened a biscuits canister he had found at the side of the road in Halong Baru, not far from the Naval Base. The canister turned out to contain a home-made low-explosive bomb, which exploded upon opening. Another home-made bomb exploded some 30 minutes in the Batumerah area. There were no casualties.