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(China Aid) – In east-central China , well-known house church leader Zhao Wenquan was arrested May 9 in Hegou Town , Meng Cheng County , Anhui Province. More than 4000 Christians had gathered in the village for a special harvest celebration, sponsored by a six-year-old local house church. The church usually has only 2-300 for gatherings, so the large meeting was quickly noticed by officials. The Domestic Security Protection Division Team of the Meng Cheng County PSB raided the large gathering. Zhao, who is more than 60 years old, was arrested after the harvest celebration ended. He has been working in China ’s unregistered churches for more than 30 years. About a dozen other church leaders escaped and are still on the run. Zhao has been charged with disturbing the social order and with organizing an illegal religious gathering. He is believed to be incarcerated at the Meng Cheng County PSB Detention Center . He could be sentenced, without a trial, to three years of so-called _re-education through labor.