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( ICC) – On Sunday, May 23rd the A.O.G. Church in the District of Gampaha in Sri Lanka was attacked. During the intervening week, the Pastor received information that his Church would be attacked on the 23rd. However, the worship service was held as usual. At the end of the service, while the congregation was still there, a group of about 20 persons arrived, some armed with clubs and sticks. The Pastor hid from the mob, fearing that they would attack him. He succeeded in calling the Police from his hiding place. Meanwhile, the mob proceeded to verbally abuse the congregation and assaulted some of them. They also assaulted a lady, mistaking her for the Pastor’s wife. Chairs, the pulpit and musical instruments were broken. When the Police arrived on the scene, the attackers ran away. However, one of them was caught by the Police. A Police entry has been made, identifying some of the attackers. It is commendable that the Police and the local grama sevaka have acted impartially in this case. Investigations are continuing. The attack followed one that occurred the Sunday before.