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(Jihad Watch) – Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BFV), one of three national intelligence services in Germany that is charged with gathering information on domestic as well as foreign extremist and terror groups active on home soil, stressed on Monday that Islamic terrorism posed the biggest security threat in Germany. Presenting the annual domestic security report 2003 in Berlin , German Interior Minister Otto Schily said, “Unfortunately we still face diverse dangers in Germany of which Islamic terrorism and Islamic extremism form the focal point.” Schily added that recent terrorist attacks such as the ones in Madrid in March this year that killed almost 200 people targeted so-called soft targets worldwide. “We can’t assume that Germany lies outside the reach of such targets,” Schily warned, saying that in the eyes of Islamic terrorists Germany counted as an ally of the United States and Israel and was also actively involved in the war against terrorism through its peacekeeping deployment in Afghanistan .