Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ICC) The Christians of on the island of Sulawesi have received much persecution in the last number of years and the abuse and assassinations that have happened there have been eclipsed by what has happened in Ambon. That doesn’t mean that the problems have ceased. ICC has published articles in the recent past that pointed strongly to government (probably local) involvement in the killings of Christians. Now, the police in Poso (on Sulawesi) have arrested a man named Lucky Lasahido. He is the nephew of Central Sulawesi’s former Governor. In Lucky’s possession, they found sacks of chemicals that are useful in making bombs as well as a large cache of ammunition and grenades. Also, some of the local House of Representatives and some
other government officials are now under investigation. It seems that the authorities are getting serious about stopping the killing. This would not have happened without international pressure that comes from the West. Congratulations to all who have participated in our petitions and to all those who have called the Indonesian embassy or their elected representatives concerning the situation in Indonesia. Also, praise God for the Indonesian authorities for taking this situation eriously.