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(ICC) Rev. Damanik was finally released out of prison due the extremely precarious state of his health and allowed to visit the hospital. He has since been released and gone back to prison. The police, prison guards, and offered to let him stay in Jakarta one more day with his wife and children but he chose to go straight back to prison. Rev. Damanik said “I asked permission to be treated in the hospital, so I must go back directly to the cell, because I don’t need to stay in the hospital any longer. God has fulfilled God’s promise to me, so I will fulfill mine, too: I came to Jakarta only for my healthcare in the hospital not any where else”.He also said “Please pass my deep and sincere thanks to every body who have been praying for me, not only for my health, but also for my whole situation and condition. As a human being, my body cannot coup with the pain I was having because of this illness, which made me unconscious many times, but I never feel desperate and never loose hope. I always lay my life before God, because I know God will never leave God’s child alone, and because I know I have you all praying for me.