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(ICC) National Mandate Party (PAN) Poso head Luky Lasahido was arrested by police after illegal firearms, bullets and
other weapons were found at his house, police said on Thursday. Luky, who was elected as a House of Representatives member for
PAN in the April 5 legislative poll, is being detained at the Poso Police office. Police said the find was part of a series of intense arms
searches in houses around Poso after a series of renewed attacks last month in the area, blamed on unidentified gunmen. On
Wednesday, a 600-strong joint police and Military team searched Luky’s home for weapons and discovered seven sacks of sulfur,
300 rounds of 5.56 millimeter ammunition made by national arms producer PT Pindad Indonesia, bomb chassis and several
homemade firearms. Also found were a samurai sword, several crossbows and two walkie-talkies. In two separate attacks last month
in Poso’s Pesisir district, a church leader was shot dead and a women lecturer was seriously wounded. The shootings sparked fears
of a return to religious fighting between Christians and Muslims in the region. >From 1999 to 2001, more than 2,000 people died in
sectarian fighting and hundreds of thousands of others were forced to flee their homes.