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(WIN) Today CNN’s Brian Todd released a report of the situation in Sudan, where a cease-fire between the Muslim
government in the north and southern Christian rebels is taking hold after 21 years and more than two million lives lost. Todd says,
“Now in the Darfur region, three provinces in western Sudan, so many disasters are converging at once: starvation, refugee crisis,
intense combat and charges of mass murder, mass graves, systematic rape and ethnic cleansing.” Andre Natsois, a U.S. Agency for
International Development Administrator, describes it as “the worst humanitarian disaster in the world right now.” Jerry Fowler of the
Committee on Conscience at the Holocaust Memorial Museum says, “There is a grave threat of genocide, in Darfur, right now.”
Since the fighting in Darfur started just a little more than a year ago, the United Nations and USAID estimate at least 10,000 people
have been killed, some 400 villages have been burned to the ground and one million people displaced, with about 100,000 of them
spilling over the border into neighboring Chad. Jerry Fowler of the Committee on Conscience asks, “Ten years from now, will we
look back and say Darfur was another failure, will we say that we responded in a way that we didn’t respond to the Holocaust and
we didn’t respond to Rwanda?”