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(ICC) It has recently been decided that the Police Chief of the Ambon region during the
attacks will be replaced. This abrupt decision by National Police chief General Da’i Bachtiar has probably to do with Sutrisno’s
subordinates’ poor performance in the FKM / RMS case on Sunday April 25. Sutrisno himself is even accused as being an RMS
supporter! Probably the renewed unrest in Ambon could have been forestalled if the police had handled more professionally before,
during and after the RMS flag raising ceremony. In other news, two residents from the village of Wamkana, situated in the Southern
part of the large island of Buru, were shot dead while at sea, one of them a little child. It happened yesterday in the early morning. The
perpetrator made use of a speedboat and immediately disappeared, so that it can not be ascertained whether there is any connection
with the conflict in Ambon, which up to now has been restricted to Ambon itself.