Pr-Jihad Curriculum to be Taught in Schools

(Jihad Watch) A MAJOR initiative to counter anti-Muslim propaganda is to be launched in Greater Manchester schools.

Teachers will be receiving packs containing books, CDs and posters explaining the culture and principles of Islam in a positive light.

For older children more controversial issues like jihad and suicide bombings will be covered. The scheme, launched by the Muslim

Council of Britain, and backed by the education chiefs throughout Greater Manchester, will also tackle controversial topics like the

war on terror. At a recent fund-raising dinner in Manchester £28,000 was collected for the campaign, enough to buy over 100

teaching packs enough to supply half the schools in the city. Dr Sangeeta Dhami is a leading organiser of the Books 4 Schools

campaign.She said the material was principally aimed at white non-Muslim children who may have picked-up prejudiced views on

Islam from the media. “We are trying to get away from things like ritual and the five pillars of Islam to look at common principles that

bind Islam to humanity and other religions. “For example one of our posters has the names of the prophets including Jesus who of

course is an important figure for Christians but who is also an important Muslim prophet. “In the secondary schools, the packs we

will be tackling more recent and controversial issues like what is jihad.” Jihad means struggle but not necessarily a violent struggle. It

can mean the struggle for tolerance and freedom. “We will be leaving issues like suicide bombing up for discussion to encourage

pupils, having heard about the general principles of Islam and jihad, to discuss and decide for themselves whether suicide bombers

are carrying out their principles of jihad.”

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