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(ICC) Please pray fervently for Rev. Damanik as his condition is critical and he will have surgery on Tuesday, May 4. He is going in and out of consciousness. Reverend Damanik has been granted permission to fly to Jakarta for emergency surgery. This permission took 4 days because the executive directors in Jakarta were out of town. The official permission did not come through the normal channels but through the efforts of a Muslim cleric. Following are the words of our friend who was working through the system for a permission letter: Rev. Damaniks Permission letter came through a senior Muslim cleric (who a few months back had a vision in prayer that he was to visit Rev Damanik in prison – and has since become Rinaldy’s friend), was infuriated when he read in the paper about how Rev Damanik was being treated and the fact that he would die if medical attention was not given. This Muslim leader went down to the prison and confronted the authorities, pleading with tears for his immediate release. Within a very short time the approval was given and he is on the plane tomorrow to go to Jakarta! Pray that the surgery will be a success and that this God-fearing man will not die and that he will shortly be released from prison.