Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ICC) During the last few days the conflict in Ambon has been gradually dwindling. However, barricades are still on their places and refugees have not yet returned to their houses (insofar these having survived burning and destruction) either. The ad interim minister for Political and Security Affairs (MenKo PolKam), Hari Sabarno, has urged any laskar jihad leaders not to send laskars to Ambon, as they will only increase people’s suffering and protract the conflict. He has asked military and police authorities to forestall laskar jihad being sent to Ambon. Moluccas governor Karel Ralahalu, too, hoped that no laskars would be despatched to Ambon. However, among the Christians there are rumors about the arrival of several thousands of laskar jihad that entered the Moluccas via the small harbours of Namlea (island of Buru) and Hitu (on the North coast of the island of Ambon). On May 3 two people were shot by snipers in the area of Batu Gantung. These sniper attacks create real fear within the lives of those living in Ambon. Please continue to pray that the police and government will respond in stopping these attacks.