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(ICC) From the theatre of the absurd comes this little ditty from North Korea. In the midst of the explosions, flames, and carnage from the recent massive train explosion in NK, the official NK news service told stories of how women sacrificed their bodies, their families, and even their children, by choosing to rescue the “Dear Leader’s” portraits from burning buildings. Take a deep breath, try to not laugh till it hurts, and then try not to cry for the people of North Korea as you read the following quote: “Many people of the county evacuated portraits before searching after their family members or saving their household goods,” the Korean Central News Agency wrote approvingly from Ryongchon, the railroad town where a huge explosion killed at least 161 people and injured 1,300 last week. “They were buried under the collapsing buildings to die a heroic death when they were trying to come out with portraits of President Kim Il Sung and Dear Leader Kim Jong Il.”