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(ICC) ICC previously reported on a battle in the Kuda Mati area. Supposedly, Laskar Jihad warriors had landed on Ambon and attacked there. A call for prayer went out and about three hours after the request for prayer a heavy rain fell upon the city of Ambon and dispersed the attackers of the Kuda Mati area. The attackers succeeded in burning thirty houses but failed to burn a large church at the bottom of the Kuda Mati hill. Christian youth battling the attackers succeeded in defending their church with what ever they could make. The police withdrew because the mob was too large. Prayer succeeded where police power failed. Overall: Things have quieted somewhat but there is still sporadic violence. In a decisive attempt to stop the violence, authorities have issued “shoot on sight” regarding anybody involved in inciting violence. Now that there is space to breathe, many are attempting to figure out what happened. ICC was warned 8 mos. ago from those in the know, that the Islamic radicals would incite violent uprisings to destabilize a relatively weak President Megawatti (a moderate) just prior to the elections a la Spain. It may be the explanation for what has happened in Ambon. Please continue to pray for peace and that if any are coordinating these efforts that they would be exposed. Please pray for reconciliation between Muslims and Christians.