Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Forum 18) As part of the worsening anti-Protestant crackdown in north-west Uzbekistan, a Protestant farmer, Murat Abatov, has been publicly pressured to renounce his faith, with threats to confiscate his land, and schoolteachers have begun bullying his sister Zulfiya, and telling children to avoid her. The authorities seem to have started using the new tactics of trying to turn people against Protestants, so that officials can claim to be doing the people’s will, and also summoning individual believers in to the ordinary police, the NSS secret police, and the public prosecutor’s office, in order to pressure believers to renounce their faith one by one. Amongst several other incidents, Bakhadyr Prembetov has had his flat in the regional capital Nukus raided by police, and has had threats from the head of the housing block administration that “if the Protestants did not stop visiting me, he would collect signatures from the residents and get me turned out of the apartment.”