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(Paul Weyrich) Today, the “North Korea Freedom Day” march will be held in Washington at 11 A.M. on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol to protest the lack of freedom in North Korea, a garden spot for the kind of dictatorship that many people think became obsolete with the end of the Cold War and the demise of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. Unlike the American abortion rights lobby’s march, today’s march will most likely suffer from a lack of media attention and money. But the concerns expressed by the demonstrators deserve to be heard and they will indeed be expressed at the rally. When a news conference was held on Friday, featuring dissidents from North Korea, the Japanese news media sent cameras. The mainstream American news media decided they had more important things to cover. Given the language problems, the North Korean dissidents, who needed translators, may not have been the most eloquent proponents of freedom, but what they said makes clear the abysmal lack of human rights in their country.