Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(WEA) The predominantly Christian populations of Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda have been terrorized and traumatized over the past. 18 years by a blasphemous cult-militia called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Whilst LRA atrocities have occasionally shocked the world, the world has, to its shame, largely ignored the immense suffering of the people. The LRA abduct and terrorize children, converting them into traumatised and disturbed child soldiers and sex slaves. The LRA commits atrocities too evil and horrific to detail here. Their most well-known signature trademark is the mutilation of faces; removing lips, ears, noses – leaving their victims to live the rest of their lives as living monuments to LRA terror. The LRA has departed from its original political aims and today contemporary LRA terror is little more than the crippling persecution of a predominantly Christian people who have known revival. Priests, nuns, pastors, missionaries, churches, Christian activities (such as funerals), and Christian missions and services, are specifically targeted for terror. It is a persecution that is generated not by political or religious systems but by occult forces associated with LRA leader, spirit medium Joseph Kony. the light has finally gone for Christians in southern Uganda. Buwembo says that he attended services in several churches on Easter Sunday and the message was always the same – pray for Joseph Kony, pray for the suffering people of the north, pray for God to intervene in the situation in the north, pray for God to deliver peace.