Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ICC) On Sunday April 25, 2004 violence erupted in Ambon when Christians were attacked by Muslims, and thus far at least 14 people are dead. At least 120 people have been injured, and several churches and other buildings were set on fire. According to one report, two hundred elite Mobile Brigade (Brimob) police have arrived to restore order and ensure the clashes did not escalate into another bout of long-term bloodletting. However, although police are now claiming that everything is under control, Christians in the area are reporting that this is untrue. According to a Catholic priest in the region, a Catholic church in Ambon was been set on fire monday morning in the Christian neighbourhood of Batugantung and a protestant church university was burned to the ground. Christians from have fled and Muslim gangs are attempting to break through to Kuda Mati, which is seen as a nest of Christian militants, he said. “There are no security forces on the spot, whereas the Christians themselves have no weapons left to defend themselves,” Bohm said. Apparently the violence is still raging, and at least two people have been hacked to death as the Christians in Ambon are being forcefully attacked by Muslim Extremists.