Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) The Sudan peace talks being held in Naivasha, Kenya, have deadlocked over the use of Sharia Law in Khartoum, and the status of three disputed provinces. The peace deal guarantees that after six years there will be a referendum to determine whether Southern Sudan secedes from the predominantly Arab Muslim North. This point is integral to the present struggle with the peace deal. Despite a ceasefire, fighting erupted early in March in the northern Upper Nile region of Southern Sudan. Arab Muslim militias and GoS forces from Malakal have been systematically targeting civilians in the Shilluk Kingdom, Upper Nile. The GoS is also reinforcing Arab militias from gunboats on the Nile. Some 50,000 African, predominantly Christian, Southern Sudanese civilians have been forced to flee their homes. According to UN reports, villages, schools and health clinics have been destroyed and looted. Women are also being raped and kidnapped. Some of eight women whom Arab militias abducted from Dinyo on 4 March were nursing mothers who were forced to abandon their babies.70% of Southern Sudanese are Christian. They have endured years of oppression by the Arab Muslim GoS as well as violent jihad. They have suffered aerial bombardment, scorched earth warfare, starvation and slavery because they refuse to be Islamised. May God in his mercy and through his power bring them peace.