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(Pakistan Daily Times) The National Committee on Curriculum (NCC) has agreed that there was no deletion of verses and chapters regarding jihad or holy war from Islamiyat textbooks. The co-author of the Islamiyat textbooks told the NCC that no Arabic verses or chapters on Jihad have been totally deleted from Islamiyat textbooks that are part of the syllabi for the Secondary School and Higher School certificates. Mr Rashid said that longer verses that urged for jihad were added to the revised curricula in 2002. Rashid said that after the book was completed, it was presented to another review committee that was made up of representatives from all five wafaks (religious sects) and other stakeholders. The committee approved the entire contents of the book, which included verses and chapters on jihad. Dr Fareeda Ahmad, who represented the MMA at the meeting, also agreed that no verses and chapters on jihad had been deleted from the Islamiyat textbooks. While talking to Daily Times, Dr Ahmad said that she had only agreed on the issue of jihad-related verses that the government had told the MMA that despite Surrah Tooba, the government has also included other Quranic verses related to jihad in the curricula.