Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Reuters) The Mogadishu based Somali fundamentalist group, Kulanka Culimada, accused Christian aid workers in Somalia of spreading Christianity in the coastal city of Merca. Reuters reported on April 21 that the militant group said if the Christianization in Somalia does not stop, “the Somalia people have a right to jihad…the politically influential group based in the capital Mogadishu said in a statement issued on Tuesday.” A widely read Somali website, Hiiraan, posted April 20 a press release from the militant group signed by Sheikh Nur Barud, the vice chairman of the Kulanka Culimada. The Sheikh said in an edict “Somalis must come out on April 22 to protest against the Christianization in Somalia.”3 The Sheikh also accused Christian aid workers of “planting Somali Christians in the country.” Sheikh Nur Barud who was the key figure in this press conference said “Some Somalis who claimed to be Christians went to attend the Somali reconciliation conference [in Nairobi]. These Somalis are apostates and they will be killed upon their return to Somalia.” The fiery Kulanka Culimada was founded in February 1991. Most of the key leaders in this group are graduates from Islamic seminaries in Saudi Arabia. A Somali reporter from Himilo online interviewed Sheik Nur Barud in November 2003. The Sheikh reiterated in this interview “all Somali Christians must be killed according to the Islamic law. A Muslim can never become a Christian but he can become an apostate. Such people do not have a place in Somalia and we will never recognize their existence and we will slaughter them.” The Sheikh concluded his interview by saying that “Somalis are 100% Muslim and they will always remain so.”