Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(AP) A Muslim prayer leader quoted by a magazine as saying that he favours wife-beating under certain circumstances will have to answer for his remarks before judicial authorities, France’s justice minister said Tuesday. Chirane Abdelkader Bouziane, who is an imam, or prayer leader, at a mosque in the Lyon suburb of Venissieux, was quoted in the April edition of Lyon Mag as saying that he favours beating a wife “under certain conditions, notably if the woman cheats on her husband.” He also said that a woman does not have the right to work alongside men because “she could be tempted by adultery,” according to Lyon Mag. He told the magazine that he favours an Islamic republic in France, “but not just for France. I want the whole world to become Muslim.” In its effort to fight the spread of Muslim extremism, France has been cracking down on imams who preach violence or values that are not in conformity with those of French society. On Thursday, France deported an Algerian-born imam accused of preaching radical religious teachings at a mosque in the Atlantic coastal city of Brest. The Interior Ministry said that Abdelkader Yahia Cherif gave a sermon last month that urged jihad, or holy war, and expressed support for the March 11 railway bombings in Madrid, Spain, that killed 191 people.