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For Immediate Release: Rev. Damanik Loses Supreme

Court Appeal-His Statement From Prison

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(12/08/03) The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian

Concern (ICC) has just become aware the latest details in the

long running legal struggle for the release of Rev. Rinaldy Damanik of Indonesia.

Rev. Damanik received a decision letter from the Indonesian Supreme Court on Dec. 3 stating that his appeal to overturn his seriously flawed case (as stated by the High Court) was denied. Furthermore, the Court will not hold any more hearings on the case unless new evidence is brought forth. Curiously, the decision from the high court was dated October 29, 2003. For some reason, word of the decision had not been extended to Damanik prior to this.

Rev. Damanik made the following statement from Palu prison where he is being held.

“Please inform every body that I am thanking them so much for everything (that) has been done for my case and for myself including (and) for my family. I know every body has done their best, but that’s the fact. I think we have to accept it.
I’m tired of making other busy with myself and my case, so I think it is enough. I don’t want to make people keep busy because of me. Let lay everything in God’s hands.

I just feel that it is (such) an irony that none of the lawyers in Jakarta knew about this, but any way, I’m thanking them all for what they have done for me. God definitely has (His) own plan. I just want to ask every body (to keep) praying for the peace in the world, in particular in my region, Central Sulawesi. It seems I still have pass the long dark night, but I strongly believe that I will reach the dawn some day. Once again thank you all. God bless you”
(Rev. Rinaldy Damanik)

Rev. Damanik’s legal team is going to visit him shortly to consider if they should seek new evidence or serve out his sentence. ICC will keep you informed.

ICC urges Christians to continue to pray for Rev. Damanik.

ICC is a Washington-DC based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC delivers humanitarian aid, trains and supports persecuted pastors, raises awareness in the US Church regarding the problem of persecution, and is an advocate for the persecuted on Capitol Hill and the State Department. For additional information or for an interview, contact ICC at 800-422-5441.