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For Immediate Release
Vietnamese Christian Flood Victims Denied Relief

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(12/02/03) The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) has just become aware of the plight of Christian flood victims in Vietnam.The Central areas of Vietnam suffered from a devastating series of storms and heavy rains on November 14th, 16th and 24th. Through today, approximately 75,000 houses were destroyed, 120,000 hectares of rice crop ruined and thousands of rural people have been left homeless.
Most of these people have received financial assistance and immediate relief from the Vietnamese government. However, 425 Christians in the Quang Ngai province and 654 Christians in the Ninh province were refused help solely because of their Christian faith. These Christians already live in dire poverty, and this tragedy has left many hungry and sick. Without assistance, many are expected to die. The Vietnamese government routinely persecutes Christians in the rural areas of Vietnam, and this is another example of how Christians are denied the most basic elements needed to survive.
Vietnam has been, and is currently ranked as one of the worst violators of human rights. There are currently an estimated three hundred (300) Christian pastors imprisoned in these areas for simply holding legal church meetings.

ICC urges American Christians to contact the Vietnamese Embassy and politely request that Christian flood victims of Quang Ngai and Ninh provinces be given the same flood relief as other Vietnamese. Also, please request the release of Christian pastors from prison.
Embassy of Vietnam
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