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Press Release — July 30, 2001

Daring Rescue in Indonesia

10-year-old Girl Reunited with Mother and Father

Ten-year-old Tien was rescued this past weekend from the hands of her Muslim “jihad” captors on the North Maluku island of Doi in Indonesia. Rescuers reported that the jihad had starved young Tien for a week after learning of the escape of her mother in June. Tien appeared very weak and skinny.

Tien had been separated from her mother Adel and baby half-sister as they boarded a boat that had docked at the town of Doi in late June. Adel had planned for them to escape on the commercial boat, but she didn’t have enough money to pay the passage for the three of them. Little Tien bravely insisted that her mother go without her and send someone back to rescue her. Adel reluctantly relented and young Tien returned to the village alone where they had been held against their will.

Last week a special Indonesian military unit was hired to go to the island of Doi and rescue Tian. Boats traveling among the islands frequently come under fire by the jihad warriors. Twelve soldiers were personally assigned to assure Tien’s protection while other soldiers rescued another 16 Christian hostages. The rescue operation was one of a series of operations that International Christian Concern has helped sponsor in the islands of North Maluku since January of this year. More than 1,400 Christians have been rescued among some 7,000 who have been held hostage by their jihad captors.

Tien was greeted with hugs and kisses by her mother Adel and father Methu who greeted her upon her arrival in Manado. The city of Manado is now home to tens of thousands of Christian refugees who fled the path of the Muslim jihad warriors who ravaged Christian villages, destroying homes and churches and brutally slaughtering Christians who were unable to escape. Among the thousands who were not killed, they were forcibly converted to Islam and circumcision, including all the men, women and children.

A pastor who was with the family upon Tien’s arrival and assisted in coordinating the rescue operation commented on the rescue: “It is an especially good day to praise the Lord!”


When the attack on Doi occurred the Christians were in disarray and were fleeing into the jungles. The men stayed behind as a shield to enable the women and children to escape and then the men had to flee for their lives. Many were killed. So Methu was separated from his family during the jungle escape. Methu and several of the men made it across the island to the beach where they were able in canoes. Adel was unable to escape the advancing jihad warriors . She was accompanied by a group of others which included her eight year old son and 10 year old daughter, Tien, along with her mother and mother-in-law. Adel’s group was caught and her son, mother, mother-in-law and several others were slaughtered in the jungle. Adel was taken back. Those who escaped from this attack reported that everyone else was slain. Some months later, a witness who escaped by canoe reported that Adel and several others were still alive. While in captivity, Adel was raped by one of the jihad warriors. She later gave birth, which added to her determination to escape.


There are other rescue operations either being planned or currently taking place on other islands in North Maluku which has rescuers concerned. The jihad warriors could decide to exterminate their Christian hostages rather than having themselves exposed by ongoing rescues. Therefore, it is essential that swift action is taken to help the remaining Christians. Funds are still needed for food, medical needs, accommodations and for tools to help the refugees begin a new life for themselves.


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