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SPECIAL REPORT — February 12, 2001

Over 400 House Churches Destroyed in China

Christian cross in China


Beneath this cross on a mountain in Wenzhou, China Christians would gather for prayer and to study God’s Word…

a church building in China, destroyed by the Chinese government

Until one day in November, 2000 the Chinese government bulldozed the home on which it stood. Since the government does not allow churches to exist, except those controlled by the state, believers often turn their homes into places of worship and prayer…

Chinese Christians reading the Bible in a home

Now they have nowhere to go this Sunday!

Should You Care?

More than 400 private homes serving as places of worship for Christians were destroyed in the months of November and December. Not only is the Falun Gong targeted for annihilation and considered a “foreign devil,” but Christians also. If a pastor of one these house churches is found without registration, he or she is jailed and his or her home destroyed.
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