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How to Get Involved


Students and educators at every level can make a difference in the lives of persecuted believers around the world. ICC is just beginning to develop our resources for this dynamic group, but we hope that you will find these ideas and resources helpful!

College Students

Get the word out on persecution on your campus. Consider starting a campus chapter to raise awareness and mobilize students to assist the persecuted. Campus chapters can help raise awareness for the persecuted by hosting events, organizing a “persecution awareness” day, or performing creative “stunts” to get people’s attention on the issue. Students can also advocate for the persecuted by getting signatures on key petitions and organizing calling campaigns to bring the voice of the persecuted before your representatives. Finally, you can help bring direct assistance to the persecuted by helping to raise funds to buy Bibles or bring belief to a family that has suffered the loss of a husband or father. Don’t know where to start? E-mail us and we’ll send you a toolkit with everything you need to know.

Current Campus Chapters: University of Maryland

All campus chapters must be registered with ICC. Send us an e-mail for your free toolkit and then contact us again with your registration details if you decide to create a campus chapter.


Youth can do almost everything that college students can at a smaller level in their schools. Speak to your teachers and school administrators about organizing events – you never know what you can accomplish! Another excellent opportunity for youth is to get involved in is our annual Special Blessings campaign in which we ask donors to collect tangible gifts for us to send to the persecuted. Last year, we were able to provide one of our ICC-sponsored orphanages with hundreds of stuffed animals and other needed supplies! Organize a giving campaign in your school to get other students involved.


We also encourage children to get involved in the Special Blessings campaign – it’s a great activity to do as a family, as a classroom, or as a Sunday school class. We have created one Sunday School Lesson originally for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, but it can be adapted to any Sunday service.

  • Kids

    Care for orphans and hurting children

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  • Families

    Support wives and children of imprisoned or martyed pastors

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  • Pastors

    Spread the gospel by supporting underground pastors

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  • Women

    Save women from abduction and sexual exploitation

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  • Communities

    Help rebuild communities devastated by persecution

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Other Projects

other projects

ICC is constantly monitoring the state of Christian persecution in countries around the world and looking for ways that we can act as bridge between our supporters and the persecuted church. Beyond the projects you see above, we are working in many other areas to provide practical assistance to our brothers and sisters in Christ. View our other projects page to understand more of our work and keep up to date on our current projects.