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Helping Suffering Wives and Imprisoned Pastors

Vietnam PrisonDespite a severe government crackdown, the church in Vietnam has expanded nine-fold. Vietnamese Christians need support from the outside to survive the government pressure.

In 2001 and 2004, a total of 196 Montagnard Christians were arrested in central Vietnam. One hundred and fifty-six have been released. The remaining Montagnards still incarcerated are those with the longest prison sentences for demonstrating against persecution and for religious “violations.”

Forty Montagnard Christians have been taken from central Vietnam and put in prisons in northern Vietnam. Because of the distance and costs, their families cannot visit them to check on their health and encourage them. It costs about $100 for one family member to travel north and visit. ICC is working with a local partner to provide funding so that imprisoned Christians can be visited by family members twice a year and be encouraged through meeting both spiritual and physical needs.

At one time, families had funding and were able to visit those imprisoned, but recently all support has dried up. Prisoners depend on these periodic visits for not only physical nourishment and medicine, but also encouragement. It is so meaningful for not just the prisoners, but also the families. There are also 22 prisoners in central Vietnam that can be visited for $70 per family visit.

Will you consider helping these families? $100 will pay for one family member to visit an imprisoned believer in the north part of the country, and just $70 will pay for a family visit in Central Vietnam.

Click here to donate to our Suffering Wives and Children Fund. Please type "prisoner visit" in the note on the donation form.

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ICC is constantly monitoring the state of Christian persecution in countries around the world and looking for ways that we can act as bridge between our supporters and the persecuted church. Beyond the projects you see above, we are working in many other areas to provide practical assistance to our brothers and sisters in Christ. View our other projects page to understand more of our work and keep up to date on our current projects.