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March 31, 2011



 “Allah describes [non-Muslims] as the worst of all people…but you still want to follow them.”

British school children educated in Islamic boarding schools (madrassas) are being taught these and other even more hateful teachings. The extremist teachings at some British madrassas were exposed in February of 2011 by Dispatches, a British Television Documentary.

The report was the result of two years of undercover investigation into madrassas. In Britain, there are around 2,000 Muslim schools teaching 100,000 students. While these schools are required (and often praised) for preaching tolerance of other religions, the undercover footage captured by Dispatches in the documentary exposed some shocking facts about the schools:

  • Some of the students are taught to avoid going to church because “they are the gathering place of the devils.”
  • Eleven-year-old students are taught that non-Muslims are the worst of all the creatures.
  • The teachers at madrassas repeatedly refer to non-Muslims as kuffars. Kuffar is a derogatory and hateful term used to refer to non-Muslims.
  • Children are taught not to befriend non-Muslims. At one point in footage from the investigation, one of the teachers tells the students that they should “put away” and “forget” non-Muslim friends. 
  • The students are told that the British society is “Shaytan” (Satan).
  • In some of the footage, the schools depict scenes of violence where students are routinely beaten for failing to recite the Qur’an properly. In less than 3 hours of filmed lessons, the students were beaten more than 10 times by their teacher.
  • The film also reveals a culture of violence among students. Older students beat younger students and the teachers don’t intervene.

To help you further understand how radical brands of Islam are being taught and spread in the UK, we encourage you to watch the full documentary for yourself on YouTube or just watch the embedded video below.