Shedding light on Christian persecution around the world.

March 14, 2012



Note: over the past few days we have informed you about the 35 Christians imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for praying at a private home. Here is the latest update about their situation:

Our brothers and sisters continue suffering under harsh conditions in Saudi Arabian prisons. I recently talked to one of the prisoners who recounted to me that the Saudis are endangering their lives by placing convicted murderers in their prison cells. The Christian prisoner said, “The convicted murders could hurt us and we are concerned about our safety. Please continue pressuring the Saudis to release us.” The prisoner also said that two of the female Christians are still in pain due to the forceful strip search when they were jailed three months ago.

Please continue praying for the release of the prisoners and for God to give them grace to endure the hardship during this trying time.