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July 21, 2011



Have you noticed how divided people are about the issue of Islam? Some people speak of the struggle between Christians and Jews on one side, and Muslims on the other as a “war of civilizations.” Critics of Islam point to September 11 and other acts of terrorism to say that Islam is violent, while Muslims and their defenders call Islam a “religion of peace.”

Over the past eight years as the president of ICC, I have had the opportunity to study Islam on a theoretical and historical level (understanding Muhammad, the Quran, and Hadith), as well as on a practical level (dealing with the victims of radical Islam). I wanted to give people the same insights into Islam that I’ve received in my role as president of an organization that deals daily with its consequences.

As I set out to write my book, I came to the humbling realization that, in the end, it didn’t matter what I had say. The issue has become so politicized and polarized that readers that are aligned with me in terms of politics, religion, or worldview would accept my views, while those on the other side of the fence would reject my views, seeing them as being hopelessly biased from whatever factors make me different from them.

It was at that point that I set out to create a book about Islam that didn’t exist. I would interview a broad cross spectrum of experts on Islam that reflected our fractured and discordant culture: leftists, right wingers, atheists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, feminists, etc. I would interview experts from all ends of the spectrum(s) to discuss Islam and discover any common threads of truth.

I started by interviewing a radical Islamist that is known for his candor. From there, I interviewed a popular, established author and critic of Islam. I went on to interview four ex-Muslims whose views span the political spectrum; two are atheists and two are converts to Christianity. One of them was the son of one of the founders of the terrorist group Hamas. I then interviewed two Muslim reformers, a historian who grew up as a Muslim, an expert on Islam and Western culture, an expert on dhimmitude (Islam’s laws on dealing with sub-cultures within Islamic nations), and finally an ex-director of the CIA.

Though I’m certain war would break out of if these experts were ever locked in a room together and told to define Islam, the aspects of Islam on which they agree are stunning. Out of their incredible diversity of worldview, political orientation, and views about religion, what you find in common among all these disparate voices is extraordinary.

What I have found is that Western governments and media consistently fail to tell the truth about Islam. They censor information so as not to offend or upset you. After reading this book, you will understand Islam as you never have before. Obviously, I won’t give away the lessons you will learn, and ultimately they are yours to discern, but I will simply remind you that title of this book is Islam: Uncensored.

Jeff King
President, ICC

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