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The Life of Christian Dhimmi

By Jonathan Racho
The word “dhimmi” is an Islamic term for non-Muslims, in particular, members of the Christian and Jewish faith who are living on “Islamic land.” This prejudicial phrase demotes Christians to second-class citizenship, and they are subject to humiliation and mistreatment. Millions of Christians in Northern Nigeria are forced to live as dhimmis.

When I met retired Pastor David,* I came face to face with a dhimmi. Pastor David lives among Muslims, and his church was among the many that have been attacked. He said that he knew the attackers by name; they were his neighbors.

However, as a Christian dhimmi, he has no right to bring charges against his oppressors. Because of the violence his church as endured, half of the congregation has flocked to safer regions, leaving 150 believers left in the area.

Sadly, the Muslim attacks succeeded in not only dwindling the congregation down, but also in silencing those who remain. The Christians who were brave enough to stay put no longer evangelize to their unsaved neighbors. Pastor David explained that in the past, Christians were able to preach the Gospel, but they are forbidden to do so now. The consequences are too much to risk.

Pastor David explained that Christians live in constant fear: will there be an attack today? The next day? The next day? “If the opportunity arises, the Muslims could attack us,” Pastor David said. “No matter what happens, we will continue worshipping the Lord.”

Pastor David requested that we pray specifically for the Lord to strengthen the faith of the Christians left behind in Nigeria.

*name changed for security

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