Shedding light on Christian persecution around the world.

It’s amazing what a few scribbled letters can do.

This week we received a letter from a little girl named Chloe. Chloe is new to the ICC team, yet she is famous among our hallways. She wrote to let us know that she held a garage sale “to help kids whose parents are persecuted for their faith.”

At five years old, we can only assume her parents explained the concept of “persecution” in the broadest sense of the word: “It means that people are not kind to you because you love Jesus.”

Chloe did not need to see gruesome photos of severed body parts; she did not need to hear stories of women abducted and forced into a life of slavery; she did not need to know about the bombings, attacks, murders and kidnappings to understand that people need to be helped.

This little girl helped her mom bake cookies and brownies, old enough to simply stir the dough. Then she helped her parents with a garage sale, probably parting with some of her own toys. At five years old, she gave all that she had to help relieve the suffering of a child whose parents are persecuted for their faith. Her letter reads: “Here is the money we made. Please send our love to the kids. Thank you.”

Her earnest attitude humbles our office, as we silently reflect, “Am I giving what I can?”

We challenge you this week to ask yourself this same question. If you have the means, please give to one of our funds. If you have the words, please write to our brothers and sisters, encouraging them in their time of need. I guarantee you that just like Chloe, who chose to give to children just like her, there is someone just like you who needs to know that they are loved.

We are grateful to be the bridge. Can we send your love today?

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