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While families slept soundly, men of the village patrolled the perimeters of Ta-Kwok, safeguarding their loved ones and neighbors from intruders. On this particular November night in 2011, a section of this Nigerian Christian village had gone unguarded, and a group of strangers entered the village, intent on leaving with blood on their swords.

The Muslim attackers, fueled by a notion that Christians are enemies to Islam, raided the village, shouting “Allah Akbar!” and “Jihad!” as they ran through the village. Twenty-nine Christians were killed that night because of their faith.  Many were wounded beyond repair, like Kajyng John, pictured below, whose left hand was cut off during the violence.


If losing her hand was not devastating enough, Kajyng also lost her husband and one of her children that night.

A year later, Kajyang is still not able to work due to the damage she suffered. As a farmer, she needs her hands to work. She lives off the kindness and generosity of her community. Although thankful for their support, she worries about her future and her five remaining children whom she is responsible for.

The attack on her village took her loving husband, her child, and her hand; but the radicals also stole from Kajyng her livelihood and peace of mind. Attacks against Christians do end with the loss of loved ones—believers continue to suffer consequences of violence; the terror has a lasting impact.

As you pray for the persecuted, please pray for strength to rely on the Lord, and to not lose faith. Pray for a burst of reassurance that our Heavenly Father has not forgotten them. Pray for daily reminders of God’s promise to take care of us, that as He provides the needs of the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea, so he provides the needs of his most treasured creation.  

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