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More than 150 Christians were gathered to worship Christ in a Muslim majority city of Mtwapa, Kenya. Muslims also organized a worship service only 900 feet from the place where Christians were holding their service. The Muslims’ meeting was to counter the Christians and to ‘teach’ them that they follow false religion. Christian could hear the vilification coming from the Islamic preachers. Undeterred, the Christians continued to worship.

At 7 p.m. local time it got dark. All of a sudden, Muslim radicals threw a grenade in the middle of the gathering. The blast killed two Christians and wounded more than 30. Church leaders called for peace. A pastor who talked to ICC said, “[I urge Christians] not to retaliate. [Rather] they should show love even when they are attacked.”

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press

14 Comments to “Radical Islamists Bomb Outdoor Worship Service”

  1. Kirichu, Joseph says:

    It was an act of cowardice, and it will not deter the gospel of salvation and redemption from being preached. Jesus died for our sins once for all, and any one that calls upon His Name – JESUS- shall be saved. Even Muslims are being saved in thousands in Kenya and Africa at large. Jesus is visiting them in their night beds, and revealing Himself  as the ONLY true GOD! We must preach the gospel whether we are persecuted or not.

    • Richard_Houweling says:

      That is so treu ,at one time we were ourselves where enemy;s of god ,but when we eccepted Christ as our savior we love our brothers and sisters ,so the the scriptures says we also must love our enemys and bring them the good news of salvation so that they also may be saved ,The Lord Jesus endured the cross and dispised the shame for the joy that was set before Him.Haleluja What a Savior ,We need to pray for each other and ask the Lord for Wisdom ,God has not given us the spirit of fear ,but of power and love ,and a sound  mind.Gods forgiveness is the door to a new beginning.

  2. Gideonsarah26 says:

    True Shepherd will always lead us the Christ way, to not retaliate is the right thing to do. Man s anger doesn’t reach God’s righteous purpose. 

  3. Roze4jesus says:

    This sums up…how peaceful Islam is???A Wake Up Call for North American Christians, (pray for our brothers and sisters)
    …How long O’Lord? How Long???

  4. Sharon Dwyer says:

    Dont both religions preach to be peaceful & Love Thy Neighbor…sheesh!

  5.  The Blood of the Martyrs still cries out for justice, and forgiveness is our most powerful weapon.  The Jews killed Stephen, who cried out ” Father do not charge this sin against them”  and the result?  Saul and the road to Damascus encounter…Lord do the same to one of those muslims in that crowd!

  6. Mark Anthony says:

    if it was your brother, sister, mother or father, you will sell all your belongings and buy a nuke

  7. Richard_Houweling says:

    Do not be anxious about anything,but in ever situation ,by prayer and petition ,with thanks giving,present your request to God.And the peace of God ,wich transcends all understanding, will gaurd your hearts and minds in Christ jesus .philippians 4;6,7.

  8. Libanisi says:

    Someone should stand up to these muslims enough saying they are a peaceful religion, they are killing murdering and abusing our brothers in faith and you can still hear some priests and pastors calling them a peaceful religion, They need to be told ENOUGH IS ENOUGH STOP KILLING IN THE NAME OF GOD

  9. Libanisi says:

    Islam preach hate and not tolerance, any perception of it being a peaceful religion is just plain BS. “By their deeds, you shall know them”  “You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?”

  10. Khusunil says:

    May The Lord grant peace to all the affected families and strengthen our faith and love in Him. Amen

  11. Ledonski68 says:

    what had some people earned for hurting somebody  just to show the world that the y are  a die hard worshipers. its a lied to think that they are great because they killed innocent people,,,GOD forgive them that they donot know what they have done … 

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  13. philip says:

    event death can’t separate us from the love of God.

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