Shedding light on Christian persecution around the world.

One of the primary goals of ICC is to be used by the Lord to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One tool we use to do so is radio and internet ministry. The Lord is using this ministry to touch the lives of Muslims in several countries where evangelism and proselytizing is a life-threatening activity. A Muslim writer told us, “…now I am in contact with your broadcast’s website… the Bible is still next to my bed, and before I sleep, I read it. It is necessary that I follow what benefits me, but—sorry—I am still not a Christian.”

Another individual who came to Christ said:

“For a very long time I was one whose conscience was always questioning, ‘Will I have the good luck to go to heaven, or will I go to hell?’ Today I am not worrying… I am now following the path of light…having left the path of darkness, I am feeling joy… this evening I finished the first lesson that you told me to start. I am a free man now…in the past…my conscience was in eternal punishment, but this year I felt a change. …I accept and follow the Messiah…that is the only right path…I cannot figure out what sort of gift to give you, today I love you as part of the one family sharing the same religion.”

Praise God for lives that are being touched with the gospel of Christ!

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