Shedding light on Christian persecution around the world.

A decade ago, it was not uncommon for beheadings captured on video to be released by the Taliban, usually a warning to the West to stay out of Afghanistan’s internal affairs. The now-too-familiar executions began with a recitation of Quranic verses, then a jolt to the victim’s neck and a slow severing of the head with a small and sometimes dull knife, and finally ended with a chant of “Allah Akbar” or “God is great” while blood flowed from the decapitated corpse. Some notable killings included Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan in 2002 and U.S. defense contractor Nick Berg in Iraq in 2004.

Recently, President Obama announced a pullout plan that will begin reducing troops this year, just one indication that the U.S. mission in Afghanistan is closer to completion and the ability for the Taliban to carry out their brutal beheadings has been somewhat constrained. Yet, all the while, Afghan Christians have been warning ICC that without a U.S. presence inside Afghanistan, they will be left defenseless and slaughtered if their religious identity becomes known. Their pleas for protection took on new urgency in early April when another video, this time a blatant warning to Afghan converts to Christianity, was smuggled out of the country by an Afghan Christian and immediately sent to ICC. “Please watch this and forward it to the world so they know how serious it is in Afghanistan to be a Christian,” a leader of the Afghan Christian refugee community in Delhi wrote to ICC.

In the two-minute video, believed to be filmed early this year, four Afghan militants who claim to be the Taliban behead a Christian man named Abdul Latif in Enjeel, a village south of the town Herat. The men, wearing explosive belts and kaffiya head scarves to cover their faces, pin Latif to the ground under their feet while he cries for mercy. “For God’s sake, I have children,” Latif pleads. The militants go on to announce his fate. “Your sentence [is] to be beheaded. Whoever changes his religion should be executed.” A blade is then thrust into Latif’s neck. Once decapitated, his head rests on top of his chest while the militants proclaim “Allah Akbar.”

We have decided to make this video available to the public due to the urging of our Christian contacts in Afghanistan who asked that it be forwarded to the world so that they would understand “how serious it is in Afghanistan to be a Christian.” The video is not intended to shock or exploit, it is simply intended to honor the wishes of Christians in Afghanistan and show the horrifying reality that many believers face around the world today for their faith in Christ. We have attempted to describe what you will see if you choose to watch this video in the paragraph above, so please understand that before you press play. If you do not wish to watch the video, a translated transcript has been provided below the video.

WARNING: The following video is extremely graphic and shows a man being completely decapitated with a blade. Nothing is censored or cleaned up. Do NOT watch this video if you are unprepared or unwilling to see that level of real violence.


Full translation of video:

Victim: For God’s sake, I have children. [He repeats this sentence many times]. I serve your religion. I serve you, my dear brother, ask me first. Let me speak, then kill me. Ask me once. I serve you. I have children.

Talib 1: [Reading a verse in Arabic: "In the name of Allah, peace be on the leader of all human beings, and the high priest of all holy warriors, Mohammad, peace be upon him."] All praise be to our creator, almighty Allah, who helped and blessed the Holy Warriors of the Alfateh Movement. The Holy Warriors of Qenahat belonged to the Afghanistan Islamic Emirates, so we can implement the commandment of Allah on this infidel whose name is Abdul Latif from the (Zefareh/Zekhareh/Sefareh) village of the Enjeel District of Ancient Herat Province, so that he is punished according to his wrong deed. He is punished according to the commandment of Allah as a warning to other infidels.

[A verse is recited from the Quran: "Holy and Almighty Allah says, 'You who joined with pagans, cut their head.'"]

You’re sentenced to be beheaded.

[A verse is recited from the Hadith: "Mohammad (peace be upon him) says, 'Whoever changes his religion (converts), should be executed."]

Praise and peace …….. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar (God is great)!

Victim: I ate your leftovers, please leave me. I ate your leftovers, please leave me.

[Victim is beheaded.]

All Taliban: Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!

Talib 2: Come to this side.

Talib 2: Why didn’t you behead him from the backside?

Talib 3: Go away.

Talib 4: Bring the notice (execution order) and hang it on the wall. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.

All Taliban: Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!

Talib 4: Glory and honor to Allah, His messenger, and all believers (Muslims). This is the infidel. This is the infidel. [shouting in Arabic].

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  1. Ruby Hasan says:

    this sickens me. and people are not to have  islamophobia?? honestly. God will have his revenge on these monsters

    • Let us pray these come to Jesus.

      • Awaked says:

        YOU are not better than them!
        we live in 2011 and killing is still going on in the name of  stupid belive in a god??
        stop this god nonsens what the hell are wrong with you people?
        gods and the belive in a higher power, should have been over when got trough the middleage.
        how can you belive in a good god, and at the same time see all the evil in the world?
        clean your head and live your life without this false belive you live on,
        stupid people! there are 3 reasons that people belive in a god, 1 they are afraid of the death 2 they have been brainwashed from childhood,
        3 they dont know how to live there life, and become a easy wictim for some idiot who are afraid of the death, or have been brainwashed from childhood.
        end of storie!
        if im wrong, i will be the first to kick gods ass when i see him, becouse he have done a pretty shitty job.
        wake up morons

        • enriqueta alapide says:

          May I speak to my own tongue so that I can express my feeling towards this person who knows not where he came from, why is he here in this world and he doesn’t know where he is going.  WALA SIYANG KALULUWA AT WALA SIYANG DIOS DAHIL HINDI SIYA NATATAKOT MAMATAY KAYA MARAMI SA KANILA ANG ‘ SUICIDE BOMBERS’. WALA SILANG PAKIALAM  SA MUNDO DAHIL HINDI NILA ALAM NA GINAGAMIT NA SILA NG DIYABLO. amen, SALAMAT PO!!!! 

  2. Joseph Obeng says:

    Let us join together and pray for these souls that are being

  3. Duhkilla says:

     The supposed religion of peace. Judgement comes to us all, and these non humans will suffer for eternity. Praise be to our father in heaven. I pray for any and all who suffer at the hands of these things.

  4.  Christians in Afghanistan wanted the world to see the level of violence they are suffering for their faith.  Jesus warned of such and promised a reward to those who endured to the end:  “You will be hated by all for my namesake…” Matthew 10:22.    Carrying out the “Great Commission” is no easy task in some parts of the world.  God bless America that we still have the freedom to worship Jesus Christ without fear for our lives.

  5. Jay Cee says:


  6. Jay Cee says:


  7. Tapia6185 says:

    I wonder how many of us would turn our BACK on JESUS   if faced with this choice……”IF YOU COULN NOT WALK THE THE FOOTMEN…HOW ARE YOU GONNA RUN WITH THE HORSEMEN”…..BE FAITHFULL TO THE END..AND GOD WILL GIVE YOU AN CROWN OF LIFE…THOSE WHO SAVE THEIR LIFE WILL LOSE IT…AND THOSE LOSE THEIR LIFE WILL SAVE IT…be glad that we are not persecuted for our faith..but if we were…would you still be called a CHRISTIAN??? or would you deny HIM???  may GOD help us all and may HE gives us strength to accept the consequenses.

  8. 55strings55 says:

    This was enough to make me write my Congressperson. How about You?

  9. enriqueta says:

    I believe in the Bible, ”  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  Christians, don’t worry, our Lord Jesus is waiting us on the clouds of heaven….to be with Him, forever and ever, amen. Hallelujah!
    (Matthew 10: 28)

    • Norozco62 says:


    • tita adams says:

      Those who love the righteousness of God, don’t afraid to die, because we who live for Christ, to die is to gain. Phil. 1:21 and don’t worry Christians, the days will come that all those who do not want Jesus Christ to be their King, we will be the one to kill them before the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Luke 19:27 during the Millennial Kingdom of the Son of God. Amen   JESUS CHRIST IS COMING NOW!!!  BE PREPARED, THIS IS THE DAY OF VENGEANCE FOR ALL THE MARTYRS OF CHRIST. HALLELUJAH, Lord, please come quickly NOW, with your REWARDS for all your faithful servants who even faithful unto death.   WE LOVE YOU LORD JESUS, BLESS AMERICA AND THE FAITHFUL AMERICANS WHO SERVED THE COUNTRY IN YOUR NAME, except those who are traitors and betrayed their country because of dollars and dollars and power and plus powers…. 

    • Maricris says:


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  11. May The LORD Send His Spirit for these sons of Hagar to come to Jesus. I would not watch:I did read what is here:May The LORD Comfort all who lost love .In Jesus’ name,amen…ישוע הוא יהוה

  12. Glenn Rosas says:

    The true and basic teaching of all religion is Love, in the name of love how can this people do this to his brother? killing  justifying in the name of their God allah? Im so worried of all these people soul when the final days of their life end. If we only carry into our heart the simple Law of love of Christ, then, we have a total harmony in this world.. Hate is basically evil.. we all know that we are judge according our works and we are weigh according to our Love.. Jesus Christ is the only way to kingdom of Heaven,  the true author of earth, heavens  and all eternities…

  13. Norozco62 says:

    OMG – This Is extremely brutal – but he is with the Lord now – a martyr.


  15. non says:

    The fucking people…bull shit.. allah   fuck

  16. TOSHEA96 says:


  17. same says:

    Thank you brother for standing in the name of JESUS CHRIST! Great is your reward in heaven. At least God has given you the wisdom. Eternal life is yours forever. I love Jesus Christ no one else!!!!! hallelujah!

  18. Strange is it not: that the Muslims claim that their G-d is the G-d of Avraham?  But, that is was Ishmael and not Isaac?  Do you not find it terrible that they say our Blessed Lords Son Gabriel, was the one that instructed them to do as they do, the same Gabriel that pronounced the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Now, I may be old fashioned, but brother does not murder brother, and sister does not harm sister..remember Joseph and his brothers – and slavery followed.  How dare they commit such crimes and say that they are doing if for G-d!  That is the greatest Sin of all!

  19. Lisag46 says:

    very graphic and was hard to watch, but to God be the glory!  We are so sheltered here in America, and we need to wake up and stop taking for granted the gift we have to worship the Lord freely.  Lord come soon!!!

  20. Armando Medina says:

    We have the freedom to attend to church and worship God, but we should pray for all our brothers in the world who can´t do this freely in a lot of places, Afghanistan, China, Japan, etc., in Mexico there is freedom, but there are some place where christians are killed, let us pray for all our brothers who live this and remember that our souls will be with God forever. 
    Blessings to all and keep our mission in mind: Mathew 28.16-20

  21. Sadot4 says:

    estas son las atrocidades que hay que parar. No es posible que una religion lleve hasta el fanatismo.

  22. [...] Ich weise auf diese Seite hin: Ein Christ (Abdul Latif) wurde in Afghanistan geköpft, um andere davor abzuschrecken, Christen zu werden. Verbunden mit all den bekannten Opferriten: Allahu Akbar. Wenn die westlichen Truppen abziehen, wird es schlimmes Blutvergießen geben. Bitte die Warnung auf der genannten Seite beachten! [...]

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  24. Rafael Aguinaga Velasco says:

    Christian brother are being slaughtered in third-world countries because they finally see the Truth and choose to follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ, the Son of GOD. Muslims call the U.S. infidels yet, we have a choice of religion in America. We are not pagans who go around cutting off the heads of anyone who does not conform to our believes. These pagans cut Abdul Latif’s head off while shouting “Allah Akbar” or God is great. They have no knowledge of God nor do they understand the value GOD places on the human soul. We are blessed, we are able to worship God freely in our country without reprisal yet our churches sit half empty on Sunday. We must include Christians in third-world countries in our daily prayers they are praying a heavy price foe choosing to live in the Light of the world.

  25. Evavivste says:

    I can’t bear to even begin to watch it. It is too much to even read about – though we need to. 
    Love to his dear family. x

  26. Rhondaclc2003 says:

    Wow! These people are the evil ones. 

  27. Brian Wheatley says:

    All people who are Muslim as well as those who are not, need to understand this ‘religion’
    is not like any other religion. the god they worship is not YHWH, Jehovah, or Elohim.
    It is not the God of the Christians. This god is a god of hate.

    As Christians it is not a virtue to tolerate this religion within your community.
    They consider us as weak when we allow their Mosque to be built. When they have built one
    they consider our land to be their land (as in Muslim).

    From there we only have trouble. Moves for Sharia law to run alongside our law (mutually exclusive).

  28. Geoffreycoward says:

    If Muslims claim that Mohamed was the last prophet, and his teaching supercedes all other why is it that they are so barbaric.  Jesus came to bring a new commandment and show us the gospel of love, doing away with such barbarity. We can only conclude that Islam is not of God.

  29. Isma Rehmat says:

    Forgive them my Lord God. Give me the strength to stand for you always no matter what. Let me not be that person who says to You ” I love you ” and does not show it. My Lord this was painful to watch but I know my brother in Christ is with you.

  30. Hatorah777 says:

    I pray that our Holy One of Israel will render  justice to this poor man.
    JUSTICE  NOW in Jesus Precious Name!

  31. prettyblunt says:

    he denys christ

  32. Evolutioninessence says:

    I’ll tell you what I find amazing!!! It’s amazing when such intelligent people blame a entire religion of peace, without understanding, for the actions of a few.  The entire Bush Administration proclaim Christanity and have killed more people than any Muslim ever on the face of the Earth, but I’ll bet you will not find one single true Muslim to blame Christianity for their Muderous appetites. They go from country to country in the East and cast that country as evil and began to raid their lands and resources, killing their civillians and destroying the people including Americans. That insane war, that abominable lie cost US in 2008 3 billion dollars. It has help to send America to the poor house. The same folks who spent this money on the war, (or so they have said) is the same people who paints Islam as being a false religion. These folks answer to a higher authority and it isn’t the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.  They have done more damage to America and the rest of the world, causing so many souls to suffer needlessly. In Iraq the women are told to stop having babies because the babies are being born disfigured, horribly disfigured and you all are crying blues over one man when they have dropped bombs on babies, new born babies and their mothers in hospitals, raping women, entering theirs homes and humilating their men while thley are made to watch the soilders rape their women!!! You do not know wha that man did. You have no idea, yet you allow a video decide for you that Islam is the devils religion. How sad!!! This is what the media does to enslave your minds and they have done a darn good job of it. They sneakly tell you how to think. They use subliminal methods come up with by evil scientist. They control you. So sad!

  33. Nananita30 says:

    What a horror.  These people are animals.


  34. Johannes Za says:

    This is  part of the  end  times , worst things await christians

  35. Psicomedic says:

    Jesus Christ returns soon…. We need to be prepared for it, the grace and the peace of God be with you …….

  36. Maricris says:

    If you are a real Christian, whether you live or die you have to belong to the Lord….
    Praise God because there’s a Heavenly Kingdom.
    Be still and endure to the very end ALL FAITHFUL CHRISTIANS.
    May God Bless Us All.

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  41. Deard says:

    if islam teaches people to kill then it is a pity…. our God teaches love and forgiveness

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