Shedding light on Christian persecution around the world.

Every year, our ministry puts together a report on the top persecutors of Christians around the world. While North Korea always tops the list, almost every other country (with a few exceptions) is Muslim-dominated. If you delve further into the report, you’ll discover that the Muslims in these countries also commit some of the most horrendous acts of violence against Christians. While this can be a frightening reality, as believers we cannot allow fear or hatred to enter our hearts. So how can we guard our hearts?

ICC’s president recently posed this question to one of our partners in the Middle East who is a former Muslim and a leading figure in reaching out to the underground church in Iran via Satellite TV. He re-directed the question perfectly, telling us that when he became a Christian he asked, “God, what is Your heart?”

Ultimately, it is only the grace of God and being able to see people through His eyes that will enable us to put away our human instincts to fear and hate what we don’t understand.

The Father has clearly shared His heart for Muslims with our brother over the years, giving him a passion for and a perspective of the Muslim people that we think is invaluable. Below, we’ve pulled some excerpts from our interview to help us answer this important question.

Getting God’s Perspective

“God’s heart is that all should be saved. We’re talking about 1.5 billion people that Jesus loves. … When you look at the news, it’s very easy to think that Muslims are all evil. But I’m telling you that even some of those who die as suicide bombers are sincerely searching for God. They want to reach the unknowable God. They desire so much to know God that they think that if they die in jihad, at least then they will be with Him. In Islam, there’s no assurance of salvation aside from giving your life.”

“I’ve been in that place. It is like bondage. How would you feel if you saw people being bound as slaves in chains? How would you feel if you saw the slave master beating people who wanted to step out of that chain, but knew if they did, they would be killed? Many Muslims want to escape Islam, but they fear death. … It is by fear and by lies that our enemy, which is Satan, has billions of these precious souls in bondage. He is beating them, controlling them, and sending them to die.”

“This is what most people don’t know. There are millions of Muslims crying out to God like slaves in Egypt. They’re crying, “We want to know You, but we are in bondage. …We were born into this religion and there’s no way we can get rid of it without losing our life.”

“Jesus came to set the captives free. We have to see Muslims as captives, have compassion for them, and believe they are precious in His eyes. What I pray is that Christians will not fear or hate, but have compassion. The greatest power against Islam is our love. That’s why our broadcasts are powerful. The love that they share breaks through the lies of the enemy and the power of fear.”

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  1. Kjorozco says:

     Very well said.  It is with LOVE that we can change the world one person at a time.  To bring one person to know JESUS and to accept HIM as their personal savior is a victory for the Christians.  I had never really thought of it this way but thank you for sharing this insight, I will keep all Muslims in my prayers.  I do keep my Muslim friends in my prayers but seeing them through your description in bondage has put a whole other look on it for me, thank you.

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