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Narsi* is a Christian woman living as part of one of only fifty Christian families among thousands of Muslim residents in a Pakistani village. Recently, in a telephone interview, she shared with me the challenges she and fellow believers in her village face to stay faithful to Christ.

Muslims use insults, threats and even bribes to attempt to convert believers – many of whom live in poverty. Narsi told me that though she is poor and must provide for the needs of her three children, she refused to recant her faith in exchange for money or property because she believes that Christ died for her.

Though persecution was her daily experience, nothing could prepare Narsi for what she faced on February 15. Because Narsi cannot afford to build a restroom, she went out to her field early in the morning to relieve herself. Tragically, two Muslim men were hiding in the field, lying in wait for their Christian victim. As soon as Narsi came near, one of the men grabbed her and forced his hand over mouth – muffling her screams while the other man raped her. The men took turns raping Narsi. She told us that during the rape, they asked her, “You Christian dogs, why do you live here?”

Narsi holds the trousers she wore during the attackNarsi is still devastated by what happened that morning. In the picture at left, she was weeping as she told one of our representatives her story while holding the bloodied trousers she wore during the attack. Rape brings such shame to a woman in Pakistani society that Narsi was terrified to report the rape to police. She told me that she did not even tell her husband because she was afraid that he might attempt to retaliate against the Muslim attackers and kill them.

My final question for Narsi was a question we ask all of our suffering brothers and sisters: How can the Church help you? She simply said that she would like Christians to pray for her and to help her and her family. Because Narsi was attacked when she had to venture into a field in the early morning because she could not afford a restroom, ICC will be helping Narsi and her family by building her a new bathroom for her home.

After my interview with Narsi, I learned that the rape has resulted in a pregnancy. She is being advised by doctors to have an abortion and she is afraid that she would not be able to care for the child, so ICC is working to counsel her to keep the child and provide funds to help ease her fears that she will not be able to afford keeping the baby. This is obviously a very sensitive situation so we covet your prayers for Narsi and her child – that the Father would comfort her heart and allow a true work of redemption and grace to come through the birth and life of her child.

*name has been changed to protect identity

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  1. Kristy says:

    Am praying and will continue to pray for Narsi. I am so sorry for what happened to her, yet I admire her courage in not recanting her faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord will bless her for that, and I especially pray that she decides to keep her child, because that child may just be a blessing of God in her life. Lord Jesus, surroud Your daughter with Your Holy Spirit, hold her in the palm of Your Hand, and let her know You love her and will never forsake her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  2. I only .like that I have the opportunity to pray for her.. I cant even imagine what she must be going through..this poor woman..yet spite of it all!!! She will be continually in my prayers..Is there anyway that I help support her is a small way through you? It would be an honor, as she has stood so valiantly for Jesus!!

  3. Caensminger says:

    I want to help the family directly. How can I contact those that need to be contacted or contact me at caensminger at verizon dot net. I am praying.

  4. luv_sftruk says:

    It’s quite gruesome story to hear, Narsi’s experienced. Sad to say, but heard about a tot who was repeatedly raped by the her father’s Landlord or master (probably son of the land) because of trying to let him convert to Muslim. Fortunately, someone helped them to immigrate to Canada by a Rev. a convert Christian (proselyte can’t remember his name) just to save the child and the whole family against persecution of these people.( apparently the child had 5 operations). I will pray for Narsi, that God will give her strength to carry on her life ,despite of what he evil people did to her. May God Bless her, and her family.May God help her husband to acknowledge the child as his own, because it was not his wife’s fault of what had happened. An innocent child that was conceived because of 2 diabolical man’s deed might be born for a greater cause or purpose. God Bless all the Christian who are suffering,prosecuted and persecuted by the Muslims who hates them, in the name of the Lord Jesus.

  5. Father Lord help your servant to over this period of trial,for your says that anybody that have faith and believe in you shall never see condemnations,please Lord comfort your daugther Narsi and her family through all her trials in your mighty name JESUS CHRIST,Amen.

  6. Tony Shirren says:

    Lord look over your precious child Narsi and her family and I pray you give her the strength to overcome this terrible crewelty together with her family lord , I pray Jesus bring better times and surround these people with your love and the holy spirit to protect them lord and bring them only happiness from now until eternity Amen .

  7. arama says:

    sad to read about narsi may God always protect her and her family keeping her in prayers



  10. Luigi Gamboa says:

    Narsi, your works will not be in vain.

  11. Luigi Gamboa says:

    Narsi, your works will not be in vain.

  12. crimson says:

    I was shocked after reading the cruel incident.May our Lord comfort and strengthen her.Ipray that my Lord will protect and bless narsi and her family in his arms.

  13. Anaramos says:

    No estas sola, desde México te mando un abrazo y te bendigo con la paz que sobrepasa todo entendimiento que viene de lo alto. Narci, animo! tu eres vencedora en Cristo quien, vencio a todo principado en la Cruz, el te dio la victoria en tu prueba, Que el poder de Cristo activo en tu vida te dé una libertad en tu espíritu que te permita volver a sonreir y cantar de esperanza.
    En el amor de Cristo..te bendigo desde México.

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