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December 23, 2010



Two years after Hindu radicals slaughtered more than 100 Christians, believers in Orissa still continue to pay the ultimate price for their faith in Christ. Let me share with you the price that a three-day-old girl paid in Orissa.

Sonadei is a Christian mother who lives in Bendaguda village, Orissa. Her 18-month-old daughter became sick and died on October 27, 2010. The next day, the mourning family and the Christians in their village took the body of the girl to the funeral. Before they could bury her, Hindu radicals surrounded the procession and began to beat the believers. The radicals said that the Christian child could not be buried in India because India belongs to Hindus.

Several Christians were injured during the attack, including Sonadei, who was eight months pregnant at the time of the assault. Though she began to bleed profusely, Sonadei and other believers were forced to flee and go into hiding, still carrying the decomposing body of her 18-month-old daughter.

When they finally arrived safely at another village, Sonadei was able to get medical care. She gave birth to a baby girl on November 4. Sadly, her infant daughter only lived for three days due to head injuries she sustained in her mother’s womb during the attack.

Though only the Father can truly touch and heal Sonadei’s heart, we were blessed to be able to cover her medical costs while she recovered in the hospital.

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