Strengthen the persecuted by supporting underground pastors.


This past year, ICC supported 90 underground pastors in persecuted countries, including 25 church planters in India. One in particular, Pastor Mangaldan, is passionate about his congregation. Each week, he faithfully visits five different villages, leading 13 different fellowships with over 150 congregants. In addition, he visits about five families in their homes, and mentors children in ICC’s Orissa orphanage in his spare time. The Gospel is spreading like wildfire in India because of pastors like Mangaldan.

Underground pastors are at the forefront of persecution, often taking the brunt of attacks. Your gifts lend assistance in the form of salaries, transportation, and training. In addition, you have the opportunity to encouragement to those who lay down their lives for the spread of the Gospel.

"But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come up on you."
Luke 11:20

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