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ICC Exclusive
Oppression of Iranian Churches Leads to Arrests—and Forgiveness

February 08, 2018:

By Claire Evans 02/07/2018 Iran (International Christian Concern) – This year marks the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the […]


Suspected al-Shabaab Militants Kill Three Teachers in Wajir, Kenya

February 16, 2018:

ICC Note Suspected al-Shabaab militants have attacked and killed three teachers in Wajir, Kenya. This is a continuation of the […]


Fight Against al-Shabaab Stymied by Poor Communication and Low Morale

February 02, 2018:

ICC Note The fight against al-Shabaab has been ongoing and impossible to win because of poor communication and low morale. […]


ICC Exclusive
Islamic Students Terrorize Town Due to Arrest of Radical Teacher

January 31, 2018:

By Nathan Johnson 01/31/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – “Our Catholic church has been here for over 40 years […]


Movie Depicting al-Shabaab Attack in Kenya is Nominated for an Oscar

January 29, 2018:

ICC Note A film about a bus attack in Kenya in 2015 has been nominated for an Oscar. The film […]


Kenyan Doctor Petitions for FGM to Be Legalized

January 24, 2018:

ICC Note There is a doctor in Kenya, Tatu Kamau, who is now petitioning for the legalization of Female genital […]


Operation Director Speaks Out Against Medical Facilities Helping al-Shabaab

January 23, 2018:

ICC Note The head of the Linda Boni Operation in Eastern Kenya, has stated his frustration with medical facilities that […]


100 Al-Shabaab Terrorists Enter Town on Sunday, Villagers Flee by Monday

January 17, 2018:

ICC Note Nearly 100 al-shabaab terrorists entered a village in Lamu on Sunday. According to the locals, who have now […]


al-Shabaab Has Increased Recruitment of Children over Past Months

January 15, 2018:

ICC Note The Human Rights Watch has released a report that states al-Shabaab has increased its recruitment of children, even […]


Muslims Students Riot and Destroy Town Over Arrest of Sheikh

January 14, 2018:

ICC Note A group of Islamic students rioted, burning down churches and business in Marsabit Town, Kenya, because a local […]


ICC Exclusive
Fear and Tension in Garissa Remain After al-Shabaab Attack

January 11, 2018:

By Nathan Johnson 01/11/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Churches in Ijara, Kenya, part of Garissa County, have remained […]


Several Lamu Schools Still Worried About Al-Shabaab Threat

January 04, 2018:

ICC Note Three Lamu County schools have closed again. This is due to the numerous attacks that took place in […]


Al-Shabaab Kills Five Police Officers in Mandera, Kenya

January 03, 2018:

ICC Note Al-Shabaab terrorists killed five police officers in the Northern County of Kenya, Mandera. This took place close to […]


Kenya of High Alert for Attacks by al-Shabaab in Coastal Region

December 22, 2017:

ICC Note The Kenyan Government is on alert as Christmas approaches. There is a high likelihood that al-Shabaab will conduct […]


Attacks in Lamu County Kenya Likely During Holidays

December 13, 2017:

ICC Note- The Lamu County Commissioner has stated that local intel sources believe there will be attacks by Islamist groups […]


Woman Describes The Five Years She Was in the Al-Shabaab Captivity

December 11, 2017:

ICC Note- A lady in Kenya describes her time as a slave for al-Shabaab in Lamu County. Fatuma was in […]


ICC Exclusive
IED Aimed at Christian Guesthouse on Church Property Misses Target

November 30, 2017:

11/30/2017 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – An improvised explosive device (IED) targeting residential houses, inside St. Michaels Catholic Church […]


Three Somali Christian Siblings Attacked in Their Home Because They Are Christian

November 29, 2017:

ICC Note Three siblings, children of a Somali Christian Woman, were attacked in their home outside Nairobi, Kenya on November […]


ICC Exclusive
The Plight of Christian IDPs in Eastern Kenya

November 21, 2017:

By Nathan Johnson 11/21/2017 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Martha is a 6-week-old baby who has lived her entire […]


ICC Exclusive
Young Christian Convert in Kenya Disowned by Family and Stripped of Possessions

November 21, 2017:

By Nathan Johnson 11/21/2017 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – “Islam was a yoke to my heart. I felt as […]


Kenyan Church Burned Down Over Land Dispute

November 20, 2017:

ICC Note A church in Kenya, Millennium SDA Church, was vandalized last Wednesday night. The church has been involved in […]


Anglican Church of Kenya Leading Peace Building Project

November 11, 2017:

ICC Note The Anglican Church is leading a peace building project between two fighting communities, the Kipsigis and Maasai. They […]


ICC Assists Garissa University Victims with Educational Goals

November 08, 2017:

By Linda Jones 11/09/2017 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern)-  On April 2 2015, al-Shabaab militants attacked Garissa University College in […]


Kenyan Elections Still Fraught With Controversy

November 06, 2017:

ICC Note Kenya’s election process continues to be full of strife and controversy. As of now, the Kenyan government is […]


Can Kenya Survive its Presidential Election?

November 05, 2017:

ICC Note Kenya is in the midst of its worst political struggle and violence in more than a decade. This […]


IDPs from Lamu, Kenya Told its Safe to Return Home

November 01, 2017:

ICC Note Kenyans that were forced to flee al-Shabaab attacks in Lamu County are being told that they may finally […]


Tensions Rise in Kenya During Second Election Process

October 26, 2017:

ICC Note Tensions continue to rise in the lead up to the re-election process in Kenya. So far, there have […]


Kenyan Priest Beaten and Robbed… Dies at hospital.

October 25, 2017:

ICC Note A Priest, Father Evans Juma Oduor, was beaten and robbed in Western Kenya two nights ago. Some police […]


Kenya Bishops are Calling on Kenyans to Remain Calm During Elections

October 17, 2017:

ICC Note Kenya is preparing for its second attempt at elections this year. The first election was won by the […]


10 Police Ambushed in Lamu County, Repel Attackers

October 13, 2017:

ICC Note 10 police officers were ambushed by an unknown group in Lamu County, Kenya on Tuesday evening. None of […]


30 Dead in Past Week due to Malaria in Kenya

October 06, 2017:

ICC Note Malaria has cost the lives of 30 people in two counties in Kenya over the past week. Kenya […]