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Save our Sisters

Did you know our sisters in Christ are being abducted, raped, forced into conversion and marriage, and even sold into sexual slavery?

Though this happens to women everywhere, in some countries Christians are particularly targeted for their faith and because they are not protected by governments who view Christians as second and third class citizens. This is especially true in Islamic-dominated countries where Christians have few rights and are generally left vulnerable and defenseless by local authorities who bow to Muslim pressure.

The Persecuted

In Pakistan, Christian converts from Islam are at risk to be killed by Muslims, even members of their own family. Fatima (name changed for security reasons) was born into a Muslim family. At the age of 20 she decided to become a Christian after watching the lives of her Christian neighbors. She then married a Christian man. Her Muslim family was upset with her conversion and marriage. They threatened to kill Fatima and her husband.

How We Helped

ICC helps Christians like Fatima and others by providing them with a safe house to live in. In addition to receiving basic provisions such as food and shelter, the persecuted Christians staying at the house also are provided with free legal aid, counseling, spiritual guidance, education and training.

With your help, we'll work to rescue these women (many of whom are only girls) from their captors, to provide them with places of refuge to protect them from these types of crimes, to assist them with job training to get them back on their feet, and to provide them with any support we can.

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