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Kids Care

Children are often the unseen victims of persecution. Every year, children are orphaned or left with scarcely enough provision to survive when their fathers and mothers are imprisoned or martyred for their faith. Other children live in communities where they are forced to live as second and third class citizens because their families are Christian. Our Kids Care fund is designed to meet the needs of these often overlooked little ones.

The Persecuted

Christian children are sadly among Egypt's greatest victims of persecution. Rejected by the government, entire Christian communities dwell in slums on the outskirts of Cairo. Their sole employment is collecting and recycling garbage. Apartments are damp and overcrowded, sewage overflows into the streets, and homes are routinely without water or electricity. The indigent living conditions have led to disease and illness, especially among the slum's children.

How We Helped

In partnership with the local church, ICC is sending Cairo’s poorest Christian children to school. Through the generous sponsorships of ICC’s donors, children receive a full Christian education, routine medical and dental check-ups, and new clothes and shoes. The children are growing in their faith through biblically based lessons, Scripture memorization, and Christ-like love shown by teachers and staff. The education of these poor Christian children is the most effective way to reverse the cycle of poverty in Cairo’s garbage slums.

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