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Christian Imprisoned for “Religious Activities” Extradited to Uzbekistan

Khairullo Tursunov Sentenced to Twelve Years in Prison

ICC Note:

A Christian Uzbek refugee was arrested in Kazakhstan in 2012 on charges of “conducting extremist religious activities.” The man has just been extradited to Uzbekistan, in violation of orders from the United Nations (UN), a country that is known for torture and abuse of religious prisoners is routine. The family and friends believe that this man is innocent and maintain that he was unfairly tried on fabricated charges.

07/01/2013 Uzbekistan (Jarayon) – Tursunov was extradited from Almaty to Tashkent on March 13, 2013.

In early June 2013, 38-year-old Uzbek refugee Khairullo Tursunov was sentenced to twelve years in prison for “conducting extremist religious activities.” Jarayon was informed about it on June 26 from Tursunov’s relatives living outside Uzbekistan.

According to them, the court on Tursunov’s case was held in Kashkadarya regional court and some of his relatives were able to participate in the trial. Many of them believe that the trial was unfair, and the case was initially fabricated.

Human rights activists believe that Khairullo Tursunov was sentenced to a long prison term because of his religious views.

It is not known whether Khairullo Tursunov is going to appeal the court’s decision. Jarayon was not able to contact his relatives in Karshi city.

Jarayon has been following Khairullo Tursunov’s case from the very beginning. After his extradition to Uzbekistan, our correspondent was able to contact with Tursunov’s close relative in Kashkadarya via phone. However, after the publication of the material about Tursunov, local law enforcement agencies began putting pressure on his family and relatives, after which they refused any interviews by journalists.

In 2011, the Kazakh authorities handed 29 religious Uzbek refugees, arrested in Almaty, to Uzbekistan. Uzbek authorities accused them of very serious crimes. Now many of them are in prison in Uzbekistan and complain about the torture and abuse by prison guards.

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