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New Hope Church in Istanbul Attacked by Mob of Over 30 People

Attacks on Churches in Istanbul

ICC Note:

New Hope Church in Istanbul was attacked by a mob of over 30 people when they threw stones and eggs at the building.  No one was injured, despite a significant amount of destruction to the property. Police are investigating the incident.

4/29/2013 Turkey (DemokratHaber)- Around 15:00 am on April 27, a group of 30 to 40 cannot be determined to which group they belong, Flat stones and eggs and attacked the New Hope Church.

The church is only a part of a community event, Finnish citizen, intrusive damage, property damage occurred in the church.

The police had gone to the scene immediately after the attack and the investigation of the incident reportedly began on a large scale.

The church windows broken, disassembled and taken to the table decorations at the entrance of the door shattered.

Sat7Türk'ün, according to the group, but some people forced into kicking the door of the church's interior was declared off limits.

After a day of this event for the weekend Çatalca Burgazada group of 10 people between the ages of 15 to 18 hours from 16:40 Aristoteles waters of the Greek Orthodox Church in Ayois entering Sirinevler mumlukta wanted to get the money released. Mumlukta take all of the candles, cabinet broke, broke the doors to rob the streets brandished and candlestick.

News by Hakkı'na, church volunteers and Islander Yeorgios Sirinevler roses, social media sharing images of the attempted bombing attack announced. If what happened in the police station, he said that:

Arrested and taken to the police station by Burgazadalılar that these people were released under the ages of ... Sirinevler station for children who can not perform any operation islanders showed a strong reaction. Police said both the supply of children not going to do anything for that branch of the police also tried to be relied complaining.

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