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The Plight of Christians in Pakistan

The Plight of Christians in Pakistan -An Interview With Sabatina James

ICC Note: Sabatina James explains how the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has created “a superior standing for Muslims” which in turn has created an environment for Christian persecution.

01/15/2013 Pakistan (RSN) -Non-Muslims are often persecuted in many member states of the Organsiation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).  However, the OIC spends much of its time lecturing Western countries about religious tolerance.  They have been lobbying for a global blasphemy law so that Western countries are effectively brought into line with the ‘human rights’ philosophy of countries like Pakistan.

UNHRC Resolution 16/18, which the OIC has been pushing, talks about tackling discrimination based on religion or belief.  If this is something that they genuinely want to address then they should do it within their own countries rather than at the United Nations.  The OIC clearly does not know what religious tolerance means!

By accommodating the demands of the OIC Western governments are dragging our human rights standards down to the level of countries like Pakistan.  It is therefore likely that the result of such accommodation will be that non-Muslims are treated as shamefully in Western countries as they are in places like Pakistan.

This is completely unacceptable.  By accommodating the demands of the OIC, Western governments are endorsing the way non-Muslims are treated in OIC member states.  In the following video, Sabatina James outlines the plight of Christians in Pakistan.

Sabatina James, an ex-Muslim of Pakistani origin, explains the dire situation for those in Pakistan and elsewhere who do not accept Islam as their religion, but are finding that Christianity is a more humanitarian religion and are putting their faith in Jesus. A human rights disaster usually ignored by our governments.

 “But now I still want to ask you… this is a very important question.  There is so much hate, that you have just told us about, in these people who beat up Christians and throw them in jail. Where does all this hatred against come from, especially in the Muslim world, but unfortunately also already in Europe.  This has also spilled into Europe. Where do we find this hatred?

[Sabatina James] “In the life of the prophet Mohammed. He simply preached this hatred against the Christians. That is the problem. When the prophet Mohammed first began preaching Islam, he had the more friendly suras in the Koran, the Meccan suras, but at the time he still had hope that the Jews and the Christians would accept him as the last prophet in history.

But both the Jews and the Christians rejected him as the messenger of God and this is when the great persecution began. The Banu Quraiza, the Jewish tribe, was executed. Mohammed decapitated many, many Jews. And when the Sunnis (Sunna means “The deeds of the prophet Mohammed”) you do what the prophet Mohammed did. He is the greatest moral example, one you should imitate, because there is no greater role model.”

“Al Insan Al Kamil”, says the Koran, if I remember correctly.

“Exactly. And this is the reason why Mohammed is always seen as a role model and if this is the role model, that he always killed the Jews and persecuted the Christians and that the tenet of the trinity is seen as disbelief and made-up. I am of the opinion that the status of Jews and Christians is pretty clearly explained in the Koran.  For example, sura 9:29, which clearly states that Jews and Christians must be fought against until they feel subdued.  What I find interesting is that it is always the “nice” suras like sura 2:56 are quoted when Islam is still in the minority, but NEVER when it is in the majority.”

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