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Christian Schoolgirl’s Hair Cut by Veiled Muslim Woman on Subway in Egypt

Muslim Egyptian Woman Cut Hair of Christian Schoolgirl in Subway

ICC Note:

The long hair of a 13-year-old Christian girl in Cairo was “secretly” cut by a veiled Muslim woman while on the subway on her way to school, the Assyrian International News Agency reports. ICC has not been able to verify whether the girl’s hair was cut solely because she is a Christian, but according to Naguib Gabriel, the head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights, it was the second time that a Christian schoolgirl’s hair has been cut off this week.

Whether or not the incident was a direct result of persecution, ICC has received numerous reports that Christian girls—who are always unveiled in public—are often harassed and even assaulted on the streets because they are immediately determined to be Christian.

During routine trips to Egypt, ICC has noticed that more and more Muslim women are covering themselves—a blatant indication of the rising Islamic influence following the country’s uprising in early- 2011. Prior to 2011, it was normal to see Muslim women unveiled, but that is quickly changing. Consequently, Christian girls are easily pinpointed and targeted by conservative Muslims.

By Mary Abdelmassih

11/7/2012 Egypt (Assyrian International News Agency)- 13-year-old Coptic girl Maggie Milad Fazez filed a police complaint in Zaytoun, a suburb of Cairo, against a veiled woman who secretly cut her hair during their journey on the subway. The child said that as she entered the crowded train car she inadvertently pushed the veiled woman to go inside, which led to a verbal exchange between them. The veiled woman told Maggie, who has long hair, "You don't know what I will do to you."

When the schoolgirl left the train, she was shocked to find her hair cut off and lying on the collar of her jacket. The incident took place yesterday morning as Maggie was on her way to Zaytoun Preparatory school.

Dr. Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization said that this was the second time in one week that a schoolgirl has had her hair cut off. The first was a girl in first grade at Saray el Koba High School, he said.

Dr. Gabriel asked the Minister of Interior to speedily find this veiled women who is cutting the hair of students and bring her to trial, similar to the veiled school teacher in Luxor who is standing for trial for cutting off the hair of two of her students last month because they did not wear a Hijab.

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