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The Christian Persecution Contagion: Is it Time to be Afraid?

The Christian Persecution Contagion: Is it Time to be Afraid?

ICC Note:

Persecution of Christians remains endemic in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Although religious freedom is valued by both of the dominant political parties in the U.S., Christian persecution is rarely mentioned by the current administration. 

By Barry Secret

09/02/2012 United States (Examiner)- The news, for Christians and the Protestant faith as a whole, is not exactly what we could call 'good' all over the world.

We are reading of mounting Christian persecutions, in addition to the oft considered acceptable persecution of the Jews, all over the world. China has been raiding church gatherings for quite some time now, while the Islamists are trying to gain a more powerful foothold in southern India, via our ally, Pakistan. Iran is in a holding pattern for the killing of a Christan priest, they of the Mahdi or Twelfth Imam prophesy.

In addition, what appears to be a concerted Muslim effort at Caliphate building, across a wide confederation of Islamic nations, now is also in the budding stages. The Egyptians' new political power, fostered by the Muslim Brotherhood, has been operative in crucifying Christians all over Egypt, one directly in front of the President's mansion, of all places.

Unfortunately, the contagion-like proliferation of such instances are just a few examples of what is an alarming trend, all across the world. The President and most politicos seem loathe to voice their alarm with the exception of a small group of Conservative Representatives in Congress who have even been attacked by members of their own party for voicing their concerns.

There may yet be a possibility that the Democratic Party could highlight these offences against the Freedom of Religion and help build awareness of what is happening as a sort of hallmark at the DNC Convention in Charlotte. And yet, we are all aware of the mandate against religious freedom as perpetrated by Obama against the Catholics, they who believe that artificial birth control is not what their Creator intended.

We can still, perhaps, hold out hope that the President and the DNC will come out in defence of both Christianity and Judaism before things degrade further. However, the likelihood of this seems ever more distant, when we noted that the Democrat sanctioned kick-off of their National Convention was convened as an Islamic "Jumah' prayer session for over 20,000 Muslims in a Charlotte stadium.

All of this would seem to beg the seemingly impossible question for Christianity and other faiths in America, in 2012, for a nation which was built upon religious freedom and diversity:

"Is it time to be afraid, or is it time to get actively involved?"

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